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warrior with arrow tattoo.

This one is for my past, for the time I tried to end my life slitting up my wrist. This one's for those who bullied me several years. This one's for those who betrayed me. This one's for those who thought I'm incapable of being strong and survive. This one's for those who tried to end my life.This one's for those who crushed my dreams underneath my breath. This one's for those who said I won't be able to but I did. Every reason behind the tattoo gave me that cut I replaced with the text "warrior". A warrior isn't a person wear capes and fighting suits. Every single person who battles with issues confronting their lives is a warrior. Be someone nobody can harm, if they try, kill them. If I can, you too can. - Samiksha Arora for more info, Contact📞: +917568000666

Website: Address: 3rd floor, Crystal Palm Mall, 22 Godam Circle, Jaipur Facebook👥: Snapchat👻: phoenix_xpose 📧mail:

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